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As a Vancouver digital marketing and web design agency, small businesses often ask us:

“How do I get customers from my Instagram account?”

In the social media universe, Instagram is Uranus. With a growing user-base of people under the age of 29, it is rapidly becoming a great advertising platform for businesses. If you can start advertising on Instagram, that’s fantastic. But few Vancouver small businesses have the knowledge to do it properly. In this article, we’re not jumping into how to do Instagram ads right away. Before you start that, you need to build a feed worthy of a customer’s “follow”.  Here are 7 steps to use Instagram to your business advantage

Step 1: Identify what your target market wants to learn from you and what kinds of things they would be interested in knowing about your company.

Step 2: Create a folder with high quality images of the things you brainstormed earlier. Instagram for small business (or any size business) should be INTENTIONAL. It’s best to avoid posting random stuff just because you feel compelled to post.

Step 3: Download some photo editing tools. My favourites are FontLab and NoCrop. Use your tools to edit the images to make them fit the vibes at your Instagram “store”. Add text, play with the saturation, do what’s right for your brand.

Step 4: Design a captivating caption to go with your image. Be witty, use jokes, have fun with it!

Step 5: Post the image with the caption

Step 6: Post another caption of relevant hashtags! Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags, so make them count because people will often follow you if you post relevant photos under the hashtags they search. Use terms that people would search. It’s important to put the hashtags in a separate comment under the caption to prevent clutter around your image.

Step 7: Repeat steps 4 and 5 as much as you need, in order to create a beautiful feed. Remember to keep your overall feed in mind. Avoid posting images that will clash with the other photos in your feed.

If you’re confident with your feed you can head on over to Facebook and start Instagram advertising. Remember, when creating a digital marketing campaign all of the different marketing avenues need to work together. This includes traditional marketing methods. Everything should be SMART.

Here are some of our favourite feeds for you to check out:






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