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Instagram’s New Algorithm Makes No Sense

Instagram has been noticing a decrease in active users recently (which was a surprise to us as Instagram fans and avid users ourselves). The team at Facebook believes it is due to low quality content. So to combat this and improve the Instagram user experience, they developed a new algorithm that only shows high quality content. Instagram photos will no longer be shown chronologically! We’re still trying to wrap our heads around it, and understand why people would continue to follow users cluttering their feeds? (do you hear the sarcasm?) But we’re optimistic something good will come of this even though many users and businesses are angry about the algorithm (more sarcasm).

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“Instagram has made a mistake in ditching its chronologically ordered feed. The app is now letting an algorithm decide what’s most relevant to show you, instead of a time-ordered selection from the people you’ve chosen to follow.”

Like we said. It doesn’t make sense. So all we can suggest at the moment is to push your followers to “turn on notifications” for your feed. Otherwise, who knows if that following you’ve worked so hard to grow will even see your posts.

Instagram marketing Vancouver

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