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reLiSH Gourmet Burgers

Nationwide Restaurant Chain

reLiSH quickly wanted to grow and gain marketshare across Canada, and realized that their customers are attached to their phones (who isn’t?). Thats where we came into play.

Heres how we helped reLiSH get mobile:
• Social Media – We helped manage and monitor their social media feeds, while creating engaging digital advertising campaigns.
• Web Design – A complete overhaul of their web presence by designing a fully responsive website.



Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development Society

“Kevin from Oranami has proven that not all Webmasters are born equal. From the speed with attention to detail which Oranami constructed our website; seedsbdc.com, to the maintenance and quick turnaround with updates and edits, Kevin and Oranami continue to surpass our expectations. Personally I would have no reservations recommending Oranami to businesses owners wishing to create a stronger online presence with a clean and efficient website.”

Scantone Jones | Executive Director
Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development Society

The Poor Italian

Italian Restaurant Vancouver

This Vancouver restaurant came to us with hopes of better communication and team spirit. We brought that to the table, plus, a pinch of web design, and a tablespoon of social media savvy. Here’s how we helped them rebrand and increase their engagement:

• Rebranding: we redesigned their logo and created an upscale feel

• Digital marketing campaigns: we developed on-site and online campaigns – that work together

• Fresh website: using the new logo, we created a clean website that emphasized the food quality


Sonu Haircut

Barbershop & Salon in Delta

Sonu Haircut had an unattractive and outdated website. They desired to rebrand their barbershop & salon to show off their services in a more appealing way. We created a minimalist website using few, but impactful images, and appropriate negative space. Now they have a website that can be found on the first page on google search.
• Web Design – Mobile and user friendly website experience.
• SEO – Optimized to for best google results.

Jeremy Leung

Mortgage Broker

Jeremy Leung was lacking a web presence. He wanted to stand out amongst his competition, while conveying his professionalism and expertise in mortgages. With the use of bold imagery and a captivating video, we created a stunning website to impress his clients. Whether the website is on a desktop, tablet or, cell phone, the end product speaks for itself.
• Web Design – Created a user friendly responsive website that is perfect on any platform.



Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British Columbia

The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British Columbia (RMTBC) have many stakeholders, from their members to RMTs in-training. We developed a social media campaign to attract new members and keep RMTs in BC (and beyond) knowledgeable and up-to-date with happenings about their profession.
Social Media Management & Monitoring: Created monthly plan and executed by curating valuable content to help achieve membership goals, increase event attendees, and market RMTBC as an authority in the profession.

Brandi Alexander

Actress & Model

Completely without a web presence, Brandi realized that in today’s digital age, an actress/model needs to be online with her fans! Because Brandi’s is a personal website, we injected her personality and heart into the web design. We created an image-centric website using large full images and playful text.had an unattractive and outdated website. She now has a visually-appealing website that reflect her art and her personality.
• Web Design – Mobile and user friendly website experience.


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