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Is your website harmful to your business?

Like most entrepreneurs, you’re busy working on your business. That’s why we know that you understand the value of time better than anyone. In the same way, your customers and potential customers are also busy and value their time. That’s why your website should be designed to cut down on the customer’s decision making and information gathering time. Your web design should be concise and effective to help your customers make quick decisions with confidence. They’ll thank you for it!

Now, take a look at your homepage. Does your website immediately convey what you’re selling or offering on the first page? If your viewers can’t tell what you’re selling in the first three seconds of visiting your website, then you may be losing valuable customers.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you evaluate your web design:

Is your website intuitive?

Proper professional web design is completed with the customer in mind. That means it is easy to use and guides the customer to a transaction or to click through. Like a good story, your website needs a beginning, middle, and end. That’s why the first page should tell what you are selling right away, the pages in between should elaborate on your service(s) and your company, and the last page should lead to something to help them learn more by contacting you.

Of course, this is the bare minimum of where good web design starts. Also, call-to-actions need to be on every single page.

Does your website convey your company brand?

Your website is a part of your total company brand — your company image. It should match your business cards, logo, and even your storefront. In fact, a website is your digital storefront, so be sure it’s connected to your brand from the corporate colours, all the way to your customer service voice.

Is your website visually appealing?

People are bombarded with advertising and a whole lot of STUFF on the internet. Your website needs to be simple. Help your customer focus by using grand images that convey your message and large headings (in web design we call them H1 headings). Design a website that is clean, modern, and limits the crazy animations. Also, keep your website minimal and clutter-free.

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